Abandoned- 2 lonely old Cottages. Old furniture and items! Creepy childs bedroom!

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This is a little secluded home I have known about for a while and I was recently back in the area so I decided to check it out.
Built around the mid 1940`s it sits along side a back road out in the country and has been abandoned since 1994 it seems.
Lots of old furniture and other items left behind to look with a possible disturbing tale to tell as the bedroom looks eerily like a memorial shrine for a child….
A bonus to this explore is that there is a 2nd little blue stone cottage right next to it that was always hidden by the trees. This blue stone cottage would have been the first dwelling for the nearby property built way back in the late 1800`s.
Cheers for watching.

29 Thoughts on “Abandoned- 2 lonely old Cottages. Old furniture and items! Creepy childs bedroom!”

  • Oops sent it too soon! Pie safes and jelly cupboards have been around since the 1700s. The top is usually flat so this one is unique. Wonderful antiques, what is that narrow table with a hole in the top? I think I just saw one in a Finnish video.

  • The house and the bluestone building looked like great places for snakes. I wouldn’t have gone in either one of them. Have you ever run into any snakes in an abandoned building? The holes in the wall in the child’s room made me think of anger management issues or autism. The antiques were pretty cool. Thanks for the tour of these two abandoned buildings!

  • I would love to have the spinning wheel to use to spin my own wool for crochet. Some of the woodwork on the furniture would be great to restore. Love it and all of your videos. Sandy from the Rocky mountains in the USA

  • Are.just wathing bloody hell forget about dust and crap most important thing is that you have found the most beautiful place ever so pleased you've covered youre face safety. Always are bless you you call it a stroller im.from Rotherham United Kingdom bless you we csll it a pram bless ypure heart loved watching.this be proud in all you do.thankyou for sharing this no.comment on.childrens room.that is for them bless you they will.lry ypu know if there present if no responce jjust leave them

  • Those baby wagons were from 1940 and 1950 by the looks of it, think they 1rst build the barn outside and build the house later, stuff in that blue stone place is much older, very nice find, you have some very nice videos mate, i am a new subscriber from the netherlands.

  • OMG! That stone cottage! LOVE! Clean all the crap out and do it up. I can almost imagine using that old stone in winter. Another great vid, thanks!

  • I watched the video twice. I noticed an alien face above the bed. Like alien Grey's from Roswell New Mexico. Wierd room, the mystery continues.

  • Great explore! I can’t believe it’s been sitting there for soo long without being totally trashed, but thankfully so.

    And I LOVE the bluestone building, I’d be soo happy to Reno that and call it home. Just beautiful!

  • Another nice find. This could have been a cozy family home. Its full of old furniture and a feeling of sadness. The little girls room was a bit creepy.maybe they were hunting for copper pipes in the wall. A family definitely lived in this house. Hopefully nothing terrible happened to their little girl. Nice 1920 s style in this place. Nice but creepy home. There was a bird nest on the porch so the bird may have come from there. Lots of old stuff and classic design in the blue stone house. Very interesting explore. This must have been an old farm stead a long time ago. A lot of nice features in this house. Great explore.

  • I know the cabinet in the kitchen my Gramma had one with vents she used it for cooling breads and pies in. and keeping the cats out of the food while cooling

  • A very sad vibe, thanks for sharing that. My guess- husband died, wife got sick, child(ren) came to take care of her, she died then kids sold it off. My guess anyway,

  • Loved the little bluestone cottage! I would live there, but I think rats chewed through the wall, ate the children so they had to leave. Make a good horror film!

  • At–8:09— What is with the creepy face where the bed room is above the bed? Look at it with a magnifier! Big black eyes & opened mouth with teeth looking very mean. Was that PAINTED on?
    A ghost or what? Did you see it when you 1st came into the room?

  • Love the small drawers, perfect for standing next to your sewing machine. Over whelming sense of sadness in this home. There is quite a few lovely pieces of furniture. I would try my damnest to try and found out who the previous owners were and the history of the house.

  • Another great video..
    I agree with the other commenters abt that being a pie safe.( what they're called here in the U.S.)
    My best friend has a LOT of antiques in her house & she has one but not as big/tall as that one.
    I enjoyed seeing all that old beautiful pieces of furniture.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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