Jongha Choi designs De-Dimension foldable furniture based on 2D perspective drawings

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South Korean designer Jongha Choi has created a collection of space-saving, collapsible furniture that can be transformed from flat, “two-dimensional” forms into functional, three-dimensional objects.

The collection, called De-dimension, is comprised of a stool and a table made from aluminium. Each object can be folded down into a flat, seemingly two-dimensional form, and easily stowed away or hung on the wall like a picture.

While the furniture is space-efficient and suitable for increasingly popular micro homes, Choi’s focus when designing the De-dimension collection was on achieving an illusion of perspective.

According to the designer, he wanted to create the experience of a two-dimensional image in a three-dimensional space, and aimed to challenge the ideas of perspective by blurring the lines between these dimensions.

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