COME SHOP WITH ME | Marshall's Home Decor Store Apr 2017

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Hi everyone, thank you for watching! Today’s video is a Come Shop With Me for home decor at Marshall’s!!! I love shopping at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross & HomeGoods for home decor, I think the prices are so afforable compared to bigger department stores. At Marshall’s this day they had so many great items home decor items. Definitely stay tuned for a Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross & HomeGoods Home Decor haul.

Thanks for shopping with me!

This is my first time filming a Marshall’s Come Shop With Me video, I apoligize for the camera being shaky. I do have home decor hauls and my Homegoods come shop with me video on my channel and will link it below. This is a Marshall’s that I love to shop at and visit regularly. I hope to provide you all with more Marshall’s Home decor Shop with me videos along with other of my favorite home decor stores. Please let me know if you enjoyed this Marshall’s Come Shop With Me video and would like to see more. I have more home decor stores in my area and can definitely do more Come Shop With Me videos.

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Thank so much for watching! COME SHOP WITH ME | Marshall’s Home Decor Store Apr 2017

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36 Thoughts on “COME SHOP WITH ME | Marshall’s Home Decor Store Apr 2017”

  • does anyone know if tj maxx, home goods,marshells, Ross are the same? I live in a small town and we only have Ross and tj maxx and the selection is SMALL.!!!! I mean I can never find anything in these videos?

  • This is the first time on your channel, and it felt like I was shopping with you. I look at everything, and I spend a great amount of time just smelling the candles too! I was shocked that the mugs were a dollar also, the cheapest I have ever seen was $3. Glad I found you. This new subscriber will deft. be checking out your other videos this weekend!

  • I love shopping at Marshall's, TJMaxx, Home Goods and Ross. You not only look like J Lo but your voice sounds like her voice too ! Can you sing ?

  • I was just about to say the same thing how much you look like Jennifer Lopez your very pretty. lol hope I disnt insult you some people get offended.

  • Great video. How is your Marshall's so empty? Did you shop when the store was closed, LOL? My stores are so crowded with people, it is impossible to even get down the aisles. Ugh. Last week I waited in line over 15 minutes to check out…there were about 25 people ahead of me.

  • It was a fun shopping trip! I love to go with! Those mugs were a steal! I would have got everyone on my Christmas list one! I will hit a Marshall's today to see if I hit the jack pot!

  • I LOVE shopping at Marshalls! <3 Always find great items and very nice prices. Tried TJMax/HomeGoods store combined this weekend omg had to leave with nothing prices were = 0 so then I went to Marshall's and Ross and smiled =) They were hit hard because not a lot of inventory but found what I needed and that's what mattered. I did however buy the lil mint green Buddha in your video for my daughter that is showing speak no evil. Oh my he smells so good!!!! If you haven't smelled any of them yet go back and smell that one, it's so heavenly. You look like me near the candles=)~ Keep your eyes out the silver paris one you wanted in gold they will get it because I saw two at our's near by. I have looked and looked for those clear knobs in the background where you picked up the pink flowers ours are gone hoping they get more. I saw those helium balloon looking letters too they are so pretty but they didn't have an M and your's does, lol. Those white roses<3 I bought that big topiary ball and the next size to it. =) I was so excited because I've been wanting to make two and could never find the balls to do it with!! Can't wait to see your pineapples<3

  • Wow that's the cleanest store I've ever seen the ones in ny are the messiest and so disorganized stores around me even in the upper towns.

  • Trish great come shop with me video, And yes more shop with me videos please. Thank you for sharing!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  • Are you related to Jennifer Lopez. You look so much like her. I hope I haven't insulted you. I only meant it in the bet way. I like JLO so much.

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