11 Facts About Area 51

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Area 51: one of the most secretive places on the planet. From conspiracy theories to UFO sightings, here are 11 secrets about Nevada’s mysterious military base.

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11: It’s a U.S. Air Force Facility
Area 51 is a part of a US Air Force facility in Nevada that serves as a center for research, development, and testing aircrafts. The origin of Area 51’s name is unclear, but it is commonly thought to come from the grid reference given by the Atomic Energy Commission. The air force base itself is only 6 by 10 miles, but it is encompassed by a restricted air space nearly 25 miles squared centered on the Groom Lake salt flat.
10: It’s Part of a Larger Nuclear Test Site
Area 51 is part of the Nevada Test Site used extensively from 1951 to 1992 for nuclear tests. The region surrounding the Indian Springs was recognized as a potential site for testing.
9: The U.S. Government Denied its Existence
Until quite recently, Area 51 did not even officially exist. For decades Area 51 received no official recognition until the site was finally declassified in 1997, but the projects undertaken there remained a secret. It took a Freedom of Information Act request years to finally get some real information. The CIA officially recognized Area 51’s existence in 2013, and released 355 documents that confirmed
8: Exemption from Environmental Regulations
A group of civilian contractors had once tried to sue the Environmental protection Agency in 1994 over the high levels of dioxin, dibenzofuran, and trichloroethylene found in their bodies after inhaling toxic chemicals burned at Area 51. They suffered skin and liver damage, and some even stopped living from the toxic exposure. But in 1995, President Bill Clinton signed an order exempting the entire area from certain environmental regulations. A similar act
7: Paradise Ranch
Area 51 was once given the nickname “Paradise Ranch” in order to entice employees. Located in the middle of a barren scorching desert, it would only be normal for some government officials to not want to be employed in Area 51. The area is full of dust and sand, and miles away from any town or city, and employees were required to actually live there. So in order to entice these people, the management jokingly nicknamed the place “Paradise Ranch”
6: Extreme Secrecy
Area 51 is known for the extreme measures it takes in maintaining the secrecy of all operations held in its facilities. Confidentiality is pressed upon everyone, and all employees are required to swear an oath of secrecy. It is said that the buildings located within the complex are mostly windowless so that each group has zero idea about the specifics of what others are doing. Contractors and military personnel are ferried to and from the facility by a fleet of passenger aircrafts operating from a private terminal at McCarran Airtport.
5: Alien Conspiracy Theories
The enormous secrecy surrounding Area 51 has led to a large number of conspiracy theories about the activities going on behind the gates of the military base. The most common accusation is that the US government is harboring aliens and alien technology there. The area has been identified by assorted conspiracy theorists as a place where researchers study captured UFOs and alien life forms. This includes the “alien craft” that supposedly crashed in Roswell in 1947. That year, the Army Air Field at Roswell
4: Alleged Former Employees have “Confirmed” the Alien Theories
In 1989, a man named Bob Lazar added fuel to the Area 51 alien stories when he claimed to be a physicist who used to work in the secret facility, having witnessed at least 9 alien spacecrafts that the military were trying to reverse engineer. In a 1996 documentary film titled Dreamland, a 71 year old former mechanical engineer claims to
1: Spy Planes and Stealth Bombers
Of all the Area 51 facts, the most interesting is that the origins of Area 51’s association with alien life forms might actually stem from decidedly terrestrial roots. In the 50s and 60s, with relations with the Soviet Union worsening, Groom Lake was made the test site for CIA’s Project Aquatone, and later the OXCART program. These were high altitude reconnaissance plane development programs that eventually lead to the production

Facts or Fictions: The Mysteries of Renaissance Cartography

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This two-day conference celebrates the 500th anniversary of Martin Waldseemüller’s Carta Marina, one of the great masterpieces of Renaissance cartography, and focuses on some of the most mysterious maps of the Medieval and Early Modern periods. First of four sessions.

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50 Facts About Me | Kristin Lauria

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14 Fascinating facts about ALASKA!

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14 Fascinating facts about the 49th state of America, Alaska.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Ace Family! | Austin Mcbroom Facts | Catherine Paiz Facts

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Welcome to World’s Best Videos, we’ve compiled a list of facts about the ace family that you probably didn’t know! Lets get into it…

Catherine Paiz was born on August 24th,1990 and she is from Montreal Canada.
She is a Fitness model and Instagram sensation with more than 700 thousand followers.

Austin McBroom was born on May 20th,1993 and he is from Palmdale California.
He has a degree in communications and played guard on the basketball team.
He attended three universities which are, Central Michigan University Saint Louis University, and then graduated Eastern Washington University.
While attending Campbell Hall School he also played football and baseball.
They both knew each other for years before ever hanging out in person.
Catherine moved to Los Angeles and was at a party one night and Austin was there too.
They officially met in person at the party but she left early so they didn’t end up talking for a couple months.
Austin ended up messaging her asking her out on a date.
She said she doesn’t ever go out on dates but she felt a weird feeling and felt like the universe was telling her to go.
They both ended up going to the restaurant “Nobu” and the rest is history!
They now have a beautiful daughter named Elle
Catherine came up with the name for their daughter!
Catherine recalls that when she was 16 she was watching TV and she thought of the name “Elle” and she stuck to it!
Catherine first name isn’t Catherine!
Her and Austin made a video revealing secrets about themselves and she mentioned that Catherine is her middle name.
They didn’t mention her real name but Austin mentioned it’s like “delicious”
Random Facts:
Austin was the first in the relationship to say “I love you”.
(Play the clip from the Q N A at 17:20 where she says how it happened)
They both knew they were the one for each other since they met.
Catherine said she knew he was the one when he simply did gentleman acts like opening her door.
Austin has one blood related brother and two step brothers.
For the first half of Catherine’s life she was raised by her father and the other half until recently she was living with her mom in Tampa Florida.
Catherine first job was at Victoria Secret later moving on to scooping ice cream!
Austin used to drive an hour to school because his parents did not want him to go to public schooling. He went to a private school that excelled in academics and sports. His parents made this decision to ensure he had a promising future
(Post Secrets about us footage as BG)
Catherine played hockey, soccer, volleyball, and did swimming growing up.
Catherine is trilingual. She can speak English, Spanish, and French.

Top 5 Hells Angels Facts

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Amazing Facts Church Breaks from Conference.Adventist to Advent Health.Pope & PA Sex Abuse.Monsanto

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50 Interesting Facts About The 50 State Capitals – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.47)

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Top 10 Facts The Mormon Church Doesn’t Want Its Members To Know

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An article posted July 20 at the NY Times website sent shock waves throughout The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon church. Hans Mattson, a Swedish ?Area Authority? (equivalent to a Cardinal) overseeing the church?s works in Europe, provided an interview expressing doubts about the church after learning of historical facts online that are never taught in Sunday School classes.

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10. Joseph Smith Married Girls As Young As 14
9. Past Prophets Preached False Doctrines
8. Joseph Smith Used Peep-Stones To “Translate” The Book Of Mormon
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6. The Kinderhook Plates Was A Hoax
5. There Are Multiple Accounts Of The “First Vision”
4. Church Leaders Were Deceived By Mark Hoffman
3. The Facts Surrounding The Death Of Joseph Smith
2. The Book Of Abraham Has Been Proven False By Egyptologists
1. Evidence Against The Book of Mormon

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10 Fun Facts About the Orthodox Church

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Orthodoxy has been in the news a lot thanks to the upcoming Holy and Great Council. Here are 10 fun facts about the Orthodox Church to share with your family and friends!

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Co-written by Christina Andresen


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15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

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Built in 1995, the Denver International Airport has not been immune from its share of conspiracy theories. From rumors of a secret society to incredibly strange artwork lining the walls, even the most skeptical people think something odd is going on behind closed doors there.

Just take a look at these unsettling facts surrounding the infamous Denver International Airport Conspiracy and decide for yourself…

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People Are Outraged At The Government’s Plan For These 2 Hero Army Dogs

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That’s when they turned to an unlikely candidate for help…
Woman Is ‘Reported To The Police’ Over Her Chocolate And Cheese Toast Abomination

Crazy Architect Built A Luxury DIY Pool In His Backyard Using Only A Dumpster


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10 Disturbing Facts You Didn’t Want to Know

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The Hill Cumorah | Mormon Facts

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Understanding the role of the Hill Cumorah in the early LDS Church can help us understand much of the character of Joseph Smith.

0:20 –

2:01 – Orsamus Turner, childhood friend of Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and Gorham’s Purchase (Rochester, NY: William Alling, 1851), 214-16;

2:08 – Orsamus Turner, childhood friend of Joseph Smith, Jr., “ORIGIN OF THE MORMON IMPOSTURE,” Littell’s Living Age, v. 30, p. 429, July-Sept. 1851

2:43 – The Times and Seasons Vol. III pp. 749, 753

3:12 – Lorenzo Saunders, Letter to Thomas Gregg, 28 January 1885, Charles A. Shook, The True Origin of the Book of Mormon (Cincinnati, Ohio: Standard Publishing Co., 1914, p. 134-35). Cited in: Dan Vogel, ed., Early Mormon Documents, 3 vols. (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1996-2000, 3:177-79.

3:36 – High Priest Martin Harris, one of the Three Witnesses, see William E. Berrett and Alma P. Burton, eds., Readings in L.D.S. Church History from Original Manusripts, v. 1, p. 63

3:57 – Brigham Young, 17 June 1877, Journal of Discourses 19:37-39;

4:35 – Hyrum Smith in Dame Journal; Woodruff quoting Brigham Young, 11 Dec. 1869, Wilford Woodruff’s Journal, 6:508-9

4:38 – David Whitmer, interview by Edward Stevenson, 22 Dec. 1877, Edward Stevenson Journal, 4806/2, LDS archives.

5:07 – Mormon 6:2, Ether 15:2 & 11

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