POSSESSED “Evil Warriors” 08/30/14 @ Oakland Metro on CAPITAL CHAOS TV

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Possessed perform “Evil Warriors” 08/30/14 @ Oakland Metro – Oakland, California NYDM Annual also playing were Verbal Abuse, Embryonic Devourment, Locust Furnace and others.

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Moving to Phoenix? Cost of living in Phoenix Arizona Metro area & Everything you need to know!!

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If you have been thinking about moving to the Phoenix metro area, we think you’ll enjoy this video…
In this video we go in detail about many facts about Maricopa County, which is where most of Phoenix metro area cities are located.
We go over the cost of living in Arizona, traffic, commute, rents, home sales, income, and much more!
Hope you enjoy!!

Are you thinking of moving to Arizona or the Phoenix metro area??
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Major Hail Storm (Oklahoma City Metro)- May 16th, 2010 [HD]

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This was one of the most intense hail storms that I have witnessed in many years of chasing out on the plains. Considering the fact that we weren’t even planning on chasing this day, it was quite a surprise as well. We were documenting some of the damage left in the wake of the Norman, OK tornado of May 10th when this thunderstorm popped up on radar. It started looking good so we decided to go after it and boy are we glad we did! The overall tornado potential was pretty low with this storm so we decided to go for the hail instead.

We intercepted the hail core in the town of Forest Park where we found shelter under a small chapel overhang. Our Canadian chaser friends pulled fully under this overhang, but Dave and I only put the front part of my Xterra under this overhang since our hail guards would protect the vehicle. However, our windshield hail guard might not have taken all the weight of the hail that did end up falling so it was a good move putting at least the front part of my truck under the overhang.

It was only moments later that the hail began to fall and wow was it intense! Mostly ping pong to golf ball size hail fell but there were a few larger stones mixed in there, and tons of it ended up falling over the 11 minute barrage! So much so that it looked like it had snowed!

Unfortunately there was a nest of small birds in a nearby tree that suffered incredibly during this storm. Many were killed and that was tough to watch happen.

Overall there were many reports of damage around the OKC Metro area on this day, a day I’ll remember for sure!

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©2010 Scott McPartland

Route 91 Charles Hartfield LVMPD Metro Officer Tribute

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Charles Hartfield was killed in a mass shooting at the Route 91 festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was an outstanding officer for Metro LVMPD and was killed during the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Charles touched many lives, including mine. He is survived by his wife Veronica, and his two children.

End of Watch:

You will be missed by so many of us, we love you Charles!!!!!

Planting Churches in Breese, IL – Metro East

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Ignite Church is a brand new congregation in Breese. In its first three months, more than 20 people accepted Christ and many were baptized in a horse trough, inside the bar where they meet on Sunday mornings. After years of alcohol and drug abuse, Levi Hart encountered Jesus, and now he and his wife are committed to bringing the gospel to where people are. Against a backdrop of neon signs, Christ is preached and lives are changed.

More than 8 million people in Illinois don’t know Jesus. The IBSA church planting team is committed to working with planters like Levi to reach those people in their unique context. IBSA started 23 churches last year, and about 80 total are in process. Learn more at www.MissionIllinois.org.

KRB Posing practice with Brian Dobson @ Metro Flex Gym Arlington

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Three weeks out on this video, let me know how my Body Building posing is developing!!!!! Video Recorded By CHRIS JONES PHYSIQUES OF GREATNESS!!!!!
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Corpus Christi Metro Ministries

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The organization helps about 7,000 people every year with social services, employment assistance and programs like the Gabbard Memorial health clinic, the Rainbow House Shelter, which provides emergency shelter and transitional housing for homeless women and homeless women with children; the Rustic House Shelter, which provides a transitional housing program for homeless men who are mentally a or physically disabled, and or elderly and those men younger than 60 years struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.