Metal Roofing North Carolina (NC) | Systems, Cost, Prices

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Call 800-403-3719 if you are looking for the best metal roofing prices and systems in North Carolina.

No matter where your home or structure is: Durham, Raleigh, Cary,Rocky Mount, Roanoke Rapids, etc…

We can help solve your metal roofing problems.

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Best Roofers in Southport CT- Roofing Contractors, Companies Offer Free Estimates & 10% Discount

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Affordable roofing companies in Southport CT and roof contractors offer 10% discounts to new roof customers. Our Southport roofers are fully licensed and insured. Visit us online for our latest reviews and testimonials.

Call a roofer in Southport you can depend on and ask the roofing company for a free estimate and roof inspection of your residential property or commercial business. Most, if not all Southport roofing contractors will be happy to provide you with all the aforementioned services. If not, call different roofers in Southport CT that will accommodate your needs during the bidding process.

Roofing Plus More, has been serving the local residents and business owners for well over 27 years. Whether you need a flat roof, asphalt shingle repair or a complete roof restoration project done on your home or commercial building, we have you covered!

Roofing contractors in Southport CT are some of the best roofers in the Fairfield County region. They are meticulous, professional and experienced.

Hire a Southport roofer that has been doing home improvement and remodeling type work for many years. You can’t beat on the job roofing experience. Also get three estimates and make sure they are all in writing so you can compare apples with apples.

Never go with the cheapest price as the associated costs to install a new roof are just one factor when deciding which roof company will be in the group of contractors you will end up interviewing for the job.

Residents that do their research and homework on roofers in the area will be rewarded when they finally decide on which roofing company will win the contract for the roof repair or roof replacement and restoration work for their home or local business.

The roof repair or new roof replacement process for your home or commercial business in Southport:

1) Inspect the roof surface to make sure the plywood deck is structurally safe and sound and no mold damage or dry-rot is present in the roof deck.

2) Any asphalt or fiberglass mat roof shingles that are uneven or cracked and split from heat, ultraviolet light and wind damage need to be removed from the roof deck surface.

3) Roof underlayment materials such as 90 LB. asphalt mineral roll roofing, metal, drip edge, rake edge, ice and water membrane, copper or aluminum valley flashing also need to be torn-up and removed down to the plywood surface or tongue-and-groove boards.

4) Now is a good time to throughout inspect the condition of the roof deck surface for rotted or damaged areas from ice dams, hidden leaks from nails or delamination of the 5-ply fir or yellow pine plywood itself from heat and age.

5) Roofing companies in Southport should always follow the procedures listed above to make sure your new roof materials are not only properly installed on a good foundation but so your new roof installation will last the amount of years it is warrantied to do so by your wood, asphalt or fiberglass roof shingle manufacturer.

6) Roofing Plus More uses various brand name roof shingle manufacturer’s such as GAF, ELK, Certain Teed, Owens Corning, IKO and Tamko.

Many roof shingle style are available from three-tab to architectural and composite types such as cement board types and metal roofing applications like standing-seam commercial roofs.

Metal and copper fitted seamed roofs are also available but less popular nowadays due to the cost being somewhat prohibitive.

If you live in the borough of Southport, the Old Village Area or in the Mill River estuary, our technicians have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to get your roof repair job done on time and on budget!

Most local residents use Route 1 also know as the Boston Post Road to travel in and out of the Southport region of Fairfield. Other commuters routinely take Metro-North from the Southport Railroad Station to work in NYC and Manhattan.

James Truslow Adams, John Akers from IBM, and Don Imus the radio talk show host are just a few on the list of famous historians and celebrities to have lived in this beautiful Southern Connecticut town.

Roofing Plus More
3449 Post Road
Southport, CT 06890


Best Roofers in Southport CT- Roofing Contractors, Companies Offer Free Estimates & 10% Discount

Westside Trails Development-Three Forks, Montana Montana Ranch Living at affordable prices!

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Westside Trails Subdivision is located in Three Forks, MT. Close proximity to Bozeman with beautiful mountain range views and within 5 minutes of fishing the Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison Rivers.

The development is the best mix of Bozeman proximity with rural living. If people can’t afford a Montana ranch for sale they gravitate towards developments that give a Montana ranch feel with a few acres. It gives Montana ranch views at a reduced sticker price. All of this while being within minutes of Bozeman, MT. Bozeman is one of the fastest growing mid size towns in America. Bozeman is safe and provides an incoming flux of technology companies. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University for higher education and a wealth of ready to work talent. Montana State University also gives you the college town feel. Montana State University also has Arts and Culture and provides a backbone for employment to college educated citizens. Montana State University also provides college sports for you to attend and cheer on the Bobcats! It is a great deal of fun to watch the Montana State University rivalry with the Griz of University of Montana.

So, if you want to live in Bozeman but are looking for more of a Montana ranch feel and don’t want to pay Bozeman home prices, Westside Trails in Three Forks, Mt offers a great opportunity. Three Forks has a great school system, churches and ample restaurant, hotel and entertainment options. Three Forks is known as Montana’s favorite small town. Three Forks was named where Lewis& Clark named the Missouri River from where the Gallatin River, Jefferson River and the Madison River join to make the Missouri River known as the mighty MO. Living in Three Forks, MT you are a part of Lewis & Clark history at a much more reasonable price than Bozeman! Come look at Three Forks and live the Montana Ranch life at Westside Trails!

So if you are looking at moving to Bozeman, MT but can’t afford homes in Bozeman consider taking a drive to Three Forks, MT and looking at Westside Trails. It gives you a Montana ranch feel at a reduced price.

If you are looking at ranches or farms for sale in Montana or are looking to list a Montana farm or ranch, contact us via our website at or give us a call at 406.522.9378. We have the knowledge and experience to find the right ranch for sale in Montana or if you want to list your Montana ranch or farm we will know how best to position your property in the Montana ranch and farm real estate market.

We have been selling premier Montana ranch properties since 2005 and look forward to helping you fulfill your dream.