BOYCOTT Wife Saver Restaurants in Augusta GA! Racist American Businesses exploit Hebrew ISRAELITES!!

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Always stay encouraged and faithful TO THE MOST HIGH!
Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled everyday! WAKE UP!
Read Psalms 147!
Learn from your mistakes and completely stop our transgressions! Obey God’s Commandments and operate as pilgrims and hermits upon the earth and always watch your back and stand by and protect your family and your salvation!!!
Read Matthew chapters 4-24!! Christ is and will always be our example on how to live and defeat our enemies and THE ENEMY -satan!!!
Stop supporting: The racist, feminist, and satanic American businesses because they all support racism, immorality, homosexuality, feminism, police & government misconduct/corruption, and many other forms of social injustice!!!
We are HEBREW ISRAELITES: The chosen Remnant seed (Zechariah 2) -of AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH (Exodus 3:14) The Great “I AM”!
Black on black crime is prophecied many times in Bible Scripture! Like in Book of Matthew Chapter 24! Black people have and will continue to be their OWN worst enemies!!! That’s why The Most High is only dealing with a remnant of His people (Zechariah chapter 2)!! This Sabbath Day we’re performing another Hebrew Church Baptism so that we can be renewed with & filled with The Holy Spirit (John Chapters 14-15)! Read The Book of Luke chapters 1-21.
We must seriously prepare for the 2nd coming of Christ because He will return sooner than we think!!!!