Brewer Maine Walmart NOT camper friendly

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We decided that we wanted to document our cross country trip from Maine to California and in doing so we stopped at the Brewer Walmart in Maine for a few days to pick up supplies and rest and this happened. After checking we found he did in fact hit the cover to the propane tanks, denting it… that it’s self is endangering everyone around in the parking area let alone us!!

Walmart FEMA Camps – ReEducation Centers – Welcome To MartLaw!

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Tens of Thousands Live in Walmart Carparks (2014)

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Hotel Walmart: The thousands of ordinary Americans with nowhere left to go… except Walmart. A report by SBS Dateline. Subscribe to Journeyman for more information:

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The Plight Of Portugal’s Homeless Will Break Your Heart

With almost 5,000 stores across the United States, millions pass through Walmart’s doors every day. But in the current financial climate, for some Americans this isn’t just a superstore; it’s a place to call home.

“Anybody can go homeless. Everybody is one step away actually.” Joe is one of tens of thousands of people taking advantage of a little-publicised Walmart policy that allows travellers to pull up in their car parks and stay the night for free. He has lived in the Walmart car park for the past seven years.

Since the housing crisis began, makeshift Walmart communities are attracting Americans from all walks of life. With well over a million on the streets these car park shelters are rapidly being accepted by local authorities. “I’d rather have them in a Walmart parking lot than out by the side of the road or off the highway somewhere where they’re not as well protected”, says the mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona. Yet as the shelters become a permanent fixture, many are getting stuck in the system. “A lot of them are stuck now; they’ve gone through their resources”, says social worker Richard Durfresne.

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Dateline, SBS Australia – Ref 6204

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Video captures chaotic brawl in Walmart parking lot

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The Cottonwood, Arizona police department released a video that appears to show an officer shooting a man. Police say a chaotic brawl broke out between police and members of the Gaver family that soon turned deadly.

What Happens to Walmart and Target Stores That Close Down

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Big box stores like Target and Walmart erect one-story buildings that are bigger than 20 thousand square feet all over the United States, and some of them close down leaving behind large abandoned buildings. Now institutions like libraries, churches and museums are taking advantage of the big empty stores to create new and interesting repurposed buildings.

Big box stores like Walmart and Target erect one-story buildings that are bigger than 20 thousand square feet all over the United States, and some of them go out of business leaving behind large abandoned buildings.
Now institutions like libraries, churches and museums are taking advantage of the big empty stores to create new and interesting repurposed buildings.

Julia Christensen, author of a book and website about repurposing big box stores found a museum dedicated to Spam in Minnesota that used to be a Kmart store, along with a former Winn-Dixie that was changed into a Calvary Chapel in Florida, and a Walmart that was changed into a speedway.

One estimate says that about 11 percent of big box stores are currently abandoned, compared with just 7 percent in 2008.

The combined area of all those stores makes approximately 300 million square feet of unused space.

A few companies have closed the doors to all of their stores including Circuit City, and CompUSA.

Many other companies like Best Buy, Sears, and Toys “R” Us are shutting down hundreds of store locations collectively.

Woman Pulls Gun During Fight at Walmart

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Elevator Trio: Lynchburg Public elevator @ Wards Road Pedestrian Bridge to Wal-Mart

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(recorded 3-25-2012 with TJelevatorfan and Cannycart)
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Ellsworth Walmart flash mob, part 2

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In Ellsworth, Maine, around 30 shoppers sing the union song “Solidarity Forever” to show support for underpaid Walmart workers. This happened on Black Friday, 2013. The police were called by Walmart managers, but they did not remove the singers because they had items to purchase, and all went through the checkouts safely. The event was organized by Community Union of Ellsworth, and received wide support from church goers, union members, and others.