Tanisha Harris & Robert Harris, The Church World, Crazy Church Culture

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Great meditation music 🎶

Official “Tell the World” Feature Film

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“Tell the World” shares the compelling story of a small group of farmers from the northeast region of the United States who would go on to set the foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since the 19th century, the Church has been at the forefront of matters relating to health, education, communication and Biblical interpretation.

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World Mission Society Church of God and Its Critics

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2,000 years ago Jesus came to this world as the savior. Although Jesus brought the truth of the New Covenant, He was rejected by His own people and finally He was crucified. The rejection of most was influenced by the religious leaders of that time, they spread malicious rumors and lies just to make people deny Christ. Today we see the same is being done to the World Mission Society Church of God and its members. When we see the claims of those who speak against the World Mission Society Church of God, we see the same pattern as to what was done to Jesus and His Church 2,000 years ago. Regardless what you do people will always have something to say, but when it comes to our salvation, we can only trust the Bible.

Before making a hasty judgment, come to the World Mission Society Church of God and study the Bible. You will be able to see the truth behind the cloud of negativity some create around the Church.

“New World Order Bible Versions” Full Movie with Subtitles

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The Secret World of a Mormon Missionary

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A photo-illustrated one-to-one between MARK from Talk Beliefs and SHAWN, an ex-Mormon & one-time Mormon Missionary now living in Sydney, Australia.

A fascinating insight to the little-known secret world of the Mormon Missionary, revealed by an ex-Mormon. Shawn was a Mormon Missionary from 2007 to 2009, sent from his home in South Africa to the North West of England to try to win souls for the LDS church.

Shawn reveals how young men are chosen, trained, and then assigned (often to far-away countries), along with daily rituals, and rules that can seem strange — such as not being able to contact family, and always being within eye-contact of their missionary companion.

On his two year mission, Shawn experienced rejection, attacks, depression – and ultimately deep-seated doubts that led him to reject Mormonism and become an atheist.

Part 2: Seeds of Doubt


TALK BELIEFS: Exploring – and challenging – what and why we believe.

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Mormon & unsure?

Mormon Stories Australia Podcast

2013 CDC World TB Day Observance

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Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious public health problem that affects thousands of people in the United States every year, and even more throughout the world. Each year, CDC and other groups observe World TB Day on March 24 to commemorate the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch announced he had discovered the cause of TB — the bacterium M. tuberculosis. This is the video of CDC’s 2013 World TB Day observance.

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The Power of Music – Montell Jordan Sermon at Victory World Church (Norcross, GA)

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I do not own the rights to this video. No copyright infringement intended.

Just had to share this POWERFUL sermon delivered by Montell Jordan at Victory World Church in Norcross, GA. May it bless you too!

Can Nature Save Us? Stories from the Natural World

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At a time when humanity’s demands on the natural world have never been greater, Dr. M. Sanjayan’s keynote address highlights nature’s essential role in creating a livable future for people everywhere. He focuses on how we need to reframe environmentalism in order to move forward, as well as shares stories from Conservation International’s work to help communities thrive.

The End Of The World Cult (Cult Leader Documentary) – Real Stories

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Michael Travesser says he’s the Messiah. Formerly a sailor called Wayne Bent, Michael is the leader of a cult in New Mexico called Strong City. His 56 followers – men, women and children – hang on his every word, serving him with absolute and unquestioning devotion.

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